Excellence. Quality. Trust.

In everything we do, we believe in excellence. Excellence is a habit that infuses every area of our lives. With NuBlack, that means providing you with a hassle free chauffeur experience that enhances your travel plans.

We started NuBlack to help business executives, professionals, and those who desire to ride in luxury. NuBlack is the new standard for dependable, high quality rides. When it comes to quality, there are some things you cannot compromise.

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Ryan Grover

Ryan has been innovating in the service industry for the nearly 10 years. His commitment to only provide the best quality service customers can be seen in every aspect of his businesses and life. In addition to building excellent businesses that satisfy customer needs, Ryan is an avid wake surfer, gardener, and baker of artisan breads.

Tyler Taggart

Tyler has spent his career in developing systems and processes that provide customers with a seamless and efficient experience. His commitment to the customer is rivaled only by his love for the outdoors. In addition to overseeing operations at NuBlack, Tyler is an avid rock climber, health nut, and a bit of a nerd.